Off-road automotive enthusiasts connecting adventure seekers and patina lovers with the most badass vehicles available for sale online.

Fourbie Exchange is a purpose-built network that connects passionate off-road and overland enthusiasts with auto restoration shops, dealers, and independent sellers. We provide buyers and enthusiasts with the ability to learn about different rigs, connect with the best sellers, and find their next adventure machine. We offer sellers the opportunity to list their high-quality off-road vehicles for sale.

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Who We Are.

We are automotive and tech enthusiasts equally passionate about great rigs as we are with the great outdoors. Fourbie Exchange was started by three close friends - Brian, Joel, and Garret - who wanted to help you minimize the time spent looking online for your next off-road vehicle so that you can maximize the time you spend looking at the stars.

Buy And Sell With Fourbie Exchange.

There are about a zillion platforms to buy and sell vehicles today. To track the market, shoppers are required to keep tabs on Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Craigslist, and multiple auction and listing sites just to keep up. The process is exhausting, and buyers often miss "the one."

Fourbie Exchange exists to connect buyers to their next rig faster than ever by aggregating the best of the best off-roader listings in one location and making them available where buyers are spending their time. And, for those that are just as passionate about the off-road community as we are, we help illuminate cool stories, background, and details to help inspire your next obsession.

Buyers and sellers choose Fourbie Exchange because we are:

  • Exclusively focused on off-road and overland vehicles vehicles. Today's marketplace is crowded and fractured, so we sift through the noise to show you the best the market has to offer.
  • Specialists in off-road and overland vehicles that help elevate the details buyers want to be informed.
  • Not driven by advertising fees. The vehicles we choose to feature have been chosen by merit. Simply stated, if it's not a quality rig that we'd love to drive, it will not be featured on the Fourbie Exchange.
  • Committed to providing shoppers with up-to-date listings so that you can get a jump on the market.
  • Committed to providing sellers with a simple process for submitting vehicle listings and connecting with a dedicated network of off-road enthusiasts.

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