1973 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55 For Sale.


IRON PIG! IYKYK. We see so few of these pigs come to market, so we’re pretty excited to let everyone know Vintage Car Collector in Van Nuys, California is selling this epic 24,000 mile 1973 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55 for an asking price of $27,000. This low-mileage example is not only rarer than rocking horse manure, it’s in exceptional condition and runs and drives nicely. Plus, its characteristic shiny two-tone Freeborn Red and White paint paired with black trim, bumpers, brush guard, wheels and super-aggressive mud tires is a hell of a look. 

We love it like a pig loves not being bacon. You probably love it that much, too.


The Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55: The Ever-Rare Iron Pig.

Called the “Iron Pig” by those in the know as a result of its distinctive front fascia that looks quite swine-like, the Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55 was the first new Land Cruiser introduced following the iconic 40-Series TLC. It was produced first for the 1967 model year and was available as new for 13 more years until it was retired in 1980. The FJ55 was a “comfort oriented” Toyota Land Cruiser, which meant that while it was certainly more capable than most off-road, it was designed to incorporate creature comforts which were becoming more and more popular in sports utility vehicles and trucks toward the end of the 1960s. It was the first true station wagon in the Land Cruiser series. 

Of all the Land Cruiser wagons sold in the U.S., including the FJ45, it is the only one to not have hatch and tailgate in the rear, but rather a tailgate only with an electrically operated window that can be retracted into the tailgate

Is This a Good Deal?

In short, yes. But as we do, we’re going to go to the market data so that it’s not just our opinion. We’re showing a full five years of auction data from Classic.com, which, as you can see, only represents a total of 30 sales. That gives you an indication of how seldom these pigs come up for sale. As you can see, the rolling average sale price for an FJ55 over that period of time is $35,485, well above the $27,000 asking price for this one. Take a peek at some of the comp, like this Freeborn Red and White example that sold on Bring a Trailer in August 2022 for $35,355 before buyer's premium. 


Condition and Specs.

As evidenced in the seller provided photos and driving video, this Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55 is in excellent condition for its age, helped along by the fact that it’s only been driven an average of about 500 miles for every year it has been in existence. Mind blowing.

Here are some of the highlights of this unique rig:


  • 4.2-Liter 2F Inline-Six 
  • 4-Speed Manual Transmission 
  • Dual-Range Transfer Case 
  • Front Disc Brakes
  • Rear Drum Brakes


  • Finished in Freeborn Red & White 
  • Fender Mounted Turn Signals
  • Front Brush Guard
  • Brush Guard Mounted Fog Lamps
  • Rear Tow Hitch
  • Black Vinyl Upholstery
  • Bench Seating
  • Black Vinyl Door Cards

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