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1980 Jeep Cherokee Chief

$17,980  |  Car Cave USA  |  Aiken, SC


It doesn't get much more old school cool than this 2-door 1980 Jeep Cherokee Chief for sale from Car Cave USA. You simply won't find a classic 4x4 like this one on the open market today, offering a completely original and well-kept interior, fresh respray of the original Medium Teal Blue exterior, and original powerplant augmented by Holley Brawler carburetor.

It's priced to sell today at $17,980, but keep scrolling for more details, to scan the gallery for 50+ gorgeous images inside and out, and then to make a free, private offer today.










360 ci. V8


3-Speed Automatic


4-Wheel Drive

Body Style







Aiken, SC

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About the Jeep Cherokee Chief SJ

The brochure for the 1980 Jeep Cherokee read, "Cherokee: The adventure seeker. Robust enough to ford a rushing stream, scale the rising hills and forest trails. With confidence. Confidence, because Cherokee is built by Jeep, world leader in 4-WD vehicles for nearly 40 years."

Facing stiffer competition from the International Scout, the Ford Bronco, and the Chevrolet Blazer in the emerging class of 4-wheel drive SUVs (before "SUV" was  geared toward adventure-seekers and weekend warriors, Jeep was forced to revise their lineup of full-size vehicles. The larger Jeep Wagoneer was seen as a family wagon, the CJ-5 was more of a compact ride, and the Jeepster Commando was too antiquated despite a face-lift a few short years prior.

The first generation of Jeep Cherokee SUVs were released on the SJ platform, shared with the Wagoneer and J-Series pickup. Throughout its production run from 1974 to 1983, the Jeep Cherokee SJ could be had in a number of configurations and trim levels depending on the year, with popular trims including the Chief, Golden Eagle, Golden Hawk, Pioneer, and Laredo.

What is the Jeep Cherokee Chief?

The Jeep Cherokee Chief SJ was offered from 1976 to 1983 as a blend of enhanced off-road capability and distinguishable appearance upgrades. While many of the other trims were graphics only, the Jeep Cherokee Chief offered larger fenders and axles in addition to options and features like Trac-Lok rear differential, locking hubs, and upgraded suspension, making it a more attractive variant for hardcore adventurers. Additionally, it could be had with proprietary "Cherokee Chief" graphics and two-tone paint scheme featuring either white or black paired with popular colors like Smoke Black Metallic, Medium Teal Blue, Saxon Yellow, or Cardinal Red.

What are Jeep Cherokee SJs Selling For?

The Jeep Cherokee SJ has enjoyed an uptick in valuations over the past 5 years, with a current 5-year moving average transaction price of about $26,800, per data aggregated by CLASSIC.COM. However, that longer-term transaction value has been boosted by a $31,800 average transaction price over the past 12 months.

However, it's important to keep in mind that with high production volumes, an extensive enthusiasts base, and several trims and options, prices for a specific Jeep Cherokee SJ can fluctuate. As a mostly-original Cherokee Chief, it's priced with tremendous upside to the buyer at $17,980 for a mechanically-inclined buyer seeking a fun weekend cruiser.


Features & Specifications

We love to see a highly-original classic 4x4, and this 1980 Jeep Cherokee Chief is no exception. Car Cave USA holds each and every vehicle that passes through its doors to a rigorous standard, including requiring passing a 34 pt. inspection before sale. As a result, this particular Jeep has received a new brake master cylinder, battery, battery cables, and the Holley Brawler carburetor. As a result, it shows in solid condition and the seller notes that it starts, runs, shifts, and stops, but also notes that some additional wrenching will be required to bring it up to road-worthy condition.


  • 360 ci. V8 Engine
  • Holley Brawler Carburetor
  • 3-Speed Automatic
  • Full-Time 4-Wheel Drive
  • Quadra-Trac NP210 Transfer Case
  • Power Steering

Exterior & Interior: 

  • Two-Tone Black & Medium Teal Blue (OJ)
  • Respray in Factory Medium Teal Blue (OJ)
  • 33 in. Yokohama Geolander A/T Tires
  • 7-Spoke Wheels
  • Power Disc Brakes
  • Roof Rack
  • Original Cloth Upholstery
  • Bosch Aftermarket Gauges (Voltmeter, Oil Pressure, Coolant Temperature)
  • Power Windows
  • Air Conditioning
  • Rear Defroster
  • Rear Roll-Down Window

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