1992 Land Rover Defender 110 Hi-Cap


Bishop + Rook named her “Snowcap,” and somehow it just feels like the perfect name for this fully frame-off restored 1992 Land Rover Defender 110 Hi-Capacity pickup. It was likely inspired by its stunning shade of white paint, the application of which was overseen by the former head of automotive paint division at 3M, so you know it was done right. It’s equipped with the utilitarian 200TDi and its truck bed has been framed by a custom roll cage and two side-facing bench seats.

As you can see in the stunning seller-provided pictures, Snowcap looks right at home in the snow. But to be honest, this thing would look bitchin' in whatever type of terrain you decide to drive it in–so buy it for $89,500 from Bishop + Rook and take your pick.

The Model.

We’ve covered our share of Land Rover Defender 110s recently, but this is our first Hi-Cap, or High-Capacity model. This model was essentially one with the same frame and (110”) wheelbase as any other 110, but the special rear body allows for more cargo room, as well as a wider and longer storage area. The Hi-Cap pick up body is unique as well, with the main body and the rear cargo body not actually touching, as you can see if you look closely at the side profile pictures. The Hi-Cap 110 also allows for the cab roof to be removed for open top driving.

The other notable aspect of this model was its 200TDi motor. This turbo diesel power plant was also loosely based on its predecessor 2.5L turbo unit, but boasted a modern alloy cylinder head, improved turbocharging, intercooling and direct injection. It also added a breather system including an oil separator filter to remove oil from the air in the system, which solved its predecessor’s main weakness of ingesting its own sump oil. The 200Tdi was good for 107 hp and 195 lb⋅ft of torque, which was 25% more efficient than the 2.5. 

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The Specs.

With this restoration, Bishop + Rook somehow made a Land Rover Defender 110 Hi-Cap even better than when it rolled off the factory floor in Solihull, England. They made it perfect, piece by piece. Here’s some of the good stuff behind this dazzler of a 110:


  • 200TDi Diesel
  • Garrett T2 turbocharger
  • Bosch VE rotary pump + Bosch two-stage injectors
  • 5-speed manual


  • Black vinyl front bucket seats
  • Rear bed outfitted with two side facing bench seats finished in black vinyl
  • Under-seat storage in rear bed 
  • Custom roll cage
  • Diamond plate paneling in rear bed
  • Wind up windows


  • Powder coated suspension components
  • Powder coated chassis
  • Heavy duty front bumper with brush guard
  • Diamond plate rear bumper with steps
  • 15” paint matched steel wheels
  • Cooper Discoverer tires
  • Open roof over the cab
  • Front wheel arch extensions

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