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Imported 1996 Toyota Coaster EX Bus

SOLD  |  Vans From Japan  |  Sacramento, CA


Vans From Japan is back at it again with another clean and capable imported Toyota Coaster bus, this time a 1HD-T-powered 1996 Coaster EX in excellent cosmetic and mechanical working order. Whether you're looking to cruise town with a couple dozen buddies, restore as a quirky yet eye-grabbing collectible, or convert into a skoolie-style camper, you may be inclined to inquire or submit a free, private offer to the seller today.










1HD-T 4.2L Turbo Diesel




Rear-Wheel Drive

Body Style







Sacramento, CA

Title Status

Clean U.S. Title

What is a Toyota Coaster?

For all the love Toyota gets around these parts for their iconic line of off-road and overlanders like the Land Cruiser, 4Runner, Tacoma, HiAce, and Tundra, it's easy to forget that Toyota is also responsible for some nifty commercial vehicles.

The Toyota Coaster is no exception, serving as a passenger bus in service since 1969. It was built off the Dyna commercial truck platform with some frame modifications to extend the wheelbase and lower the floor, resulting in a more spacious cabin capable of seating 26. In additional to public service, it was a popular light bus for private transportation.

The original Coaster stayed in service until 1982, when it was replaced by the 2nd Generation. With the new generation came new trim options, which included the EX, EX Saloon, and longer body with increased seating capacity. Additionally, Toyota added an automatic transmission, a high-roof variation, and torsion bar double wishbone front suspension (although the EX came standard with air suspension). You could get your Coaster van with your choice of either a 22R gasoline engine, 2H diesel engine, or 3B diesel engine.

In 1993, the Coaster was again renewed with more modern styling, including the highly-desirable 1HD-T 4.2L turbo diesel engine and advanced features like anti-lock brakes, larger glass windows, and extensive noise reduction.

Is the 1HD-T a Good Engine?

In the early-to-mid 90s, Toyota counted on the 1HD-T to power both the Coaster and the Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ80. It was the first in the HD series of engines produced by Toyota, and was built as a 12 valve, 4.2L straight-6 turbo-diesel. It output approximately 164 hp. and 266 lb.-ft. torque. While it wasn't quite a demon off the line, allowing the turbo to spool offered enough kick to comfortable tackle city streets and highway driving. Additionally, it's a durable, fuss-free, know-no-quit powerplant enjoyed by off-road enthusiasts in the Land Cruiser with minimal routine maintenance to keep it adventure-ready.

Succeeding the 1HD-T engine was the 1HD-FT and 1HD-FTE engines, offering incremental output and improved efficiency.


Features & Specifications

This particular Toyota Coaster shows in excellent condition both inside and out, with only minor cosmetic flaws noted by the seller including dings, dents, and paint scratches, and a dent to the rear bumper. The seller has also gone through an extensive service regime following the Coaster’s importation in November 2023 that included two new batteries, fresh oil and oil filter, new fuel filter, and more.

It's sold with a clean U.S. title and exempt from federal DOT and EPA requirements, but state and local laws may apply.


  • 1HD-T 4.2L Turbo Diesel
  • Automatic transmission
  • ECT (Electronically Controlled Transmission) with Power Mode
  • Rear wheel drive
  • 96k mi. (155k km.)


  • ECT (Electronically Controlled Transmission) system with Power mode
  • Power steering
  • Fog lights integrated into headlamp housings
  • Front and rear AC with overhead vents
  • Front heat
  • Manual choke/idle adjustment knob
  • Digital clock
  • Manually retractable antenna
  • Interior ceiling lights
  • Toyota AM/FM/Cassette stereo
  • Interior PA system (microphone missing)
  • Tilt steering
  • Manual door locks
  • Power mirror (passenger side)
  • Front bucket seats w/ folding jump seat
  • Lace "doilies" seat covers on all seats (original Toyota accessory item)
  • Overhead luggage rack
  • Front parking mirror
  • Front parking window
  • Sliding side windows
  • Sliding side door with power operated "automatic" mode and "manual mode"
  • Dual rear wheels
  • Front and rear mud flaps
  • Dual batteries (24v system)
  • Rear defrost
  • Locking rear cargo area
  • Locking gas cap (utilizes ignition key)
  • Bridgestone Duravis tires in 215/70R17.5
  • Front tow hooks
  • Bottle jack
  • Tool roll

Maintenance and Service:

  • New 12v batteries (x2)
  • Oil change with Chevron Del0 15w-40 diesel oil
  • New Toyota oil filter
  • New Toyota oil drain plug gasket
  • New Toyota fuel filter
  • Amsoil Diesel Injector Clean + Cetane Boost treatment (as preventative maintenance)
  • New Toyota radiator cap

Known Defects:

  • Minor dents, dings, and scratches consistent with the age and mileage of the vehicle
  • Dent in rear bumper

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