New to digital auto auctions? Have questions about how they work? You've come to the right place. Explore questions frequently asked by buyers and sellers.

General Questions:

Fourbie Exchange is a digital marketplace designed to connect buyers, sellers, and enthusiasts of of 4x4s, trucks, and overland vehicles. Sellers can submit their vehicles for auction or create a classified listing.

Registered bidders can place bids, comment, and ask the seller questions from the auction page.

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If you're still experiencing issues, please contact us. 

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Buyer Questions:

Buyers pay a 4.0% buyer’s fee of the winning bid to Fourbie Exchange. The buyer’s fee has a minimum of $500, and a maximum of $5,000. This fee is in addition to the final bid owed to the seller, plus any costs incurred by the buyer for things like taxes, registration, transportation, and inspections.

First, create an account on Fourbie Exchange using your email address. As always, be sure to create a strong password to keep your bids secure.

  • In the “Billing Information” tab, add your credit card information and list the appropriate billing address. 
  • Navigate to the “Auctions” tab and find a vehicle you’d like to purchase.
  • Select “Place Bid”, enter a dollar amount, and submit your bid!

The minimum bid to start an auction is $100. For each subsequent bid, the increments depend on the current highest bid: 

  • $100 bid increments up to $14,999
  • $250 bid increments from $15,000 to $49,999
  • $500 bid increments at or above $50,000 

Your credit card number and billing address are securely stored. When you place your first bid on an auction, a hold for 4.0% of your bid (minimum of $350, maximum of $5,000) will be held on your credit card to help ensure that your bid is valid. If you win the auction, a hold will be processed for 4.0% of your winning bid (minimum of $350, maximum of $5,000). If you do not win, then we release the hold automatically at the end of the auction. However, it may take a few days for your bank to complete the release. 

Yes, you may contact the seller privately directly through Fourbie Exchange. Sellers are encouraged to respond promptly to questions from interested buyers.

Yes, however all bids are in U.S. dollars (USD) and the buyer is expected to take responsibility for all additional fees for importing, transporting, and purchasing a vehicle abroad.

All bids are final and binding, so please be sure that you are entering the correct amount and on the right vehicle before you submit your bid. 

Unless an auction shows “No Reserve,” then it has a reserve price. Reserve prices are not published, and buyers should refrain from asking sellers about reserve pricing. At the end of the auction, if the vehicle sells, then the reserve was met.

If you’re the high bidder on a vehicle where the reserve was not met, then we’ll work with the seller and the buyer to help complete the sale. If we’re able to reach an agreement, we’ll put the buyer and seller in contact and our fee drops to 2.5%.

Congratulations! Once you’ve won, we will connect the buyer and seller together to exchange contact information to finalize the transaction. The seller is expected to honor the winning bid sales price. The buyer is responsible for any necessary transportation, registration, financing, or insurance costs. 

Both the buyer and seller are expected to make an effort to complete the transaction within 14 days. 

Seller Questions:

Fourbie Exchange is a marketplace for only classic, rare, and custom trucks and 4x4s of any era, origin, and condition. All auction submissions are reviewed promptly by an auction specialist for quality and applicability. 

No! Our $99 seller fee is currently waived for all sellers. 

You may connect with us here for prompt service. 

At this time, all sellers and vehicles must be located within the United States. However, we are eager to expand internationally, so stay tuned for updates.

You must have an account to submit a vehicle for auction. When you’re logged in, navigate to “Submit” in your account, or access the form here. Please be sure that you have all the required information at the time of submission.

A reserve is a minimum price agreed upon before the start of the auction for which your vehicle will sell.

If your auction has a reserve price and the auction ends without the reserve being met, then you are not obligated to sell, but we will work with you and the highest bidder to help broker a sale. 

If your auction has a reserve price and the auction ends with the reserve being met (or exceeded), then your auction resulted in a sale and we will connect you with the seller to complete the transaction. 

We typically recommend that vehicles are listed without a reserve to receive maximum visibility and engagement. For reserve auctions, the reserve will be calculated based on recent market comps.

Yes! You may contact your auction specialist at any time before or during your auction to reduce your reserve price. 

We do not recommend disclosing your reserve price during the auction, which can slow down the flow of engagement and discourage bids. 

Once your vehicle has been submitted, an auction specialist will communicate with you via the email associated with your account. Please make sure you check your spam folder in case our emails accidentally make their way there.

Yes! We recommend both photography and video. A see photo and video guide will be supplied for accepted submission.

You auction specialist will draft your auction listing once all of the required details have been provided. You will get a chance to review and approve before the listing is live. If you have edits following the start of the auction, you may contact your auction specialist.

No, a vehicle that is available for auction on Fourbie Exchange may only be available for sale on Fourbie Exchange. We ask that you take down your listing from other sources once the vehicle is submitted. You may certainly link to the auction from other places once the auction is live, but if it is listed for sale elsewhere, your auction is subject to removal. 

To get the most out of your auction, we recommend that you list without a reserve. Additionally, we invite you to share your listing with friends, customers, on your website, and social media accounts. We will also develop and post social media content around your auction on our own social media accounts in order to help enhance visibility.

We highly recommend monitoring the comments section throughout your auction to answer questions and provide additional details. If your auction has a reserve, we recommend that you do not disclose your reserve price, which can slow down overall engagement and interest in your auction. 

Each Fourbie Exchange auction is live for 10 days. 

No. Once your auction is live, it cannot be canceled by the seller.

Yes! Please contact your auction specialist to add more photos, videos, or details.

Any registered bidders on Fourbie Exchange can participate in your auction. You may not bid on your own car. To register, bidders must provide a valid email address, credit card, and billing address. The winner is expected to complete the transaction for their winning bid within 14 days. Bidders may be located outside of the United States, but are still expected to pay in full for the vehicle within 14 days, just like all other bidders.

If your auction doesn’t meet its reserve, then we will work with you and the buyer to negotiate a deal. If this happens, we reduce our buyer’s fee to 2.5% and connect you to the buyer once an agreement has been made. If a deal still cannot be negotiated, then you will have your vehicle listed on our classified listings for free. 

Congratulations! At the conclusion of a successful auction, we will connect the buyer and seller to exchange contact information. The remainder of the transaction for the full amount of the winner’s bid is expected to be completed within 30 days. We recommend contacting your state’s motor vehicle association for requirements to complete a sale.

In the unusual circumstance that the buyer doesn’t follow through with their purchase, please contact Fourbie Exchange. The buyer will be permanently banned from Fourbie Exchange, and they will forfeit their buyer’s fee. We will also work with the next-highest bidder(s) in an attempt to sell your vehicle. If we can’t help broker a new deal, we will list your vehicle on our classified listings page at no charge, or make your vehicle available again for auction.

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