Photo Guide.

Better photos and videos help attract more bidders and buyers to your auction. Follow these tips and recommendations to get your listing live faster and to maximize bidder engagement.

Photography Tips:

  • Wash and detail the inside, outside, undercarriage, and engine bay. Empty your vehicle of trash, debris, and personal items so that viewers are focused on the vehicle.
  • While we do not require that you use a professional photographer, we cannot accept cell-phone pictures. We recommend a service like Snappr to get fast, easy photography from a professional.
  • If possible, shoot outside in a shaded, quiet, and clean location to capture your vehicle in the best light to eliminate distracting background elements.
  • Provide hi-res .png or .jpg image files in a  horizontal ("landscape") orientation, ideally 3:2 aspect ratio.

Photo Guide

Print or send this PDF photo guide to share with your photographer to have handy while you're on the shoot.

Driver-side view straight Driver-side view ¾ front Driver-side view ¾ rear
Passenger-side view straight Passenger-side view ¾ front Passenger-side view ¾ rear
Head-on front (lights on / off) Head-on rear (lights on / off) Beneath driver door
Beneath passenger door Fender detail LF Fender detail RF
Fender detail LR Fender detail RR Seams and gaps
Emblems, badges, stickers, graphics Trim pieces Wheels and tires
Wheel wells Glass details & stickers Headlights
Taillights Exterior problem areas
(dings, scratches, rust, any other flaws)
Roof (multiple)
Sunroof (optional)
Seats from driver-side Seats from passenger-side Rear row(s)
Stitching/seat details Steering wheel Gauge cluster (w/ mileage shown)
Switches Console (open / closed) Gear selector
Dash wide shot driver-side Dash wide shot passenger-side Dash wide shot from rear seats
Dash detail (multiple) Pedals Headliner
Glove box (open, closed) Seatbelts Door cards, driver & passenger
Radio Digital functions Interior lights
Carpets and floor mats Trunk Trunk floor (w/ and w/o spare)
Engine, Underside, and Extras:
Engine bay (left, center, right) Factory brochure and / or owner's manual Factory window stickers (if available)
Key(s) Service records (personal information redacted) Spare parts included in sale
Installed aftermarket parts, accessories, equipment, etc.

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