1992 Land Rover Defender 110 6x6

3.5L Rover V8, 5-Speed Manual, 6x6 Conversion, New Toyo Tires, Warn Winch, Custom Interior





Land Rover


Defender 110




3.5L Gas-Powered Rover V8


5-Speed Manual



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Grand Rapids, MI

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If four driven wheels just isn't enough for you, perhaps this 1992 Land Rover Defender 110 6x6 fits the bill. This Defender started its life as a standard UK Defender 110, and was converted to a 6x6 by Reynolds Boughton, LTD. a company specializing in vehicle conversions, airfield rescue firefighting vehicles, and military vehicle conversions—So you can be confident that the 6x6 conversion was done correctly. The 6x6 conversion is just the start, though, as we've documented a number of other touches that also make this a great rig through and through. If you're someone who likes to have unique vehicles in the garage, this definitely one for you; however, you may want to keep a slightly larger tire budget, and make sure it fits in the garage before buying.

We'd be delighted to answer any questions you might have in the comments section. Happy bidding!

- A.J., Garage Kept Motors

  • The Land Rover Defender 110 is a long-running off-road utility vehicle and successor to the Series, earning its name for its 110 in. wheelbase and known for exceptional reliability and limitless performance in tough terrain.
  • This particular example is a rare 6x6 conversion performed by legendary engineering firm Reynolds Boughton, now known as Boughton Engineering. The firm traces its engineering roots to 1897, and is known as a leader in military and agricultural vehicles. This 6x6 is stamped with Serial No. R41989.
  • Powering this three-axle off-roader is a 3.5L Rover V8 motor rated at approximately 136 hp. and 186 lb.-ft. torque. It's mated to a 5-speed manual transmission sending power to all six wheels. The first two axles offer full-time 4-wheel drive, while the third axle's drive is derived from a pass-through from the second axle upon locking the center differential.
  • This Defender 110 6x6 comes in a vibrant and clean Red exterior with black accents like black fender flares, roof, side steps, and diamond-plating. Additionally, it offers dual exhaust stacks, WARN winch, tow hitch, mud flaps, and two bed benches. The six wheels are wrapped in brand new Toyo Open Country tires.
  • Inside the cabin, there are two rows of seating: two captain's chairs in front with center console between, and three seats behind. The seats are finished in black with red stitching. Additional seating can be found in the bed by way of two inward-facing bench seats. The steering wheel is affixed to the right side.
  • Although this Defender appears to have been quite well maintained throughout its life, the only service record included can be found in the documentation section of the gallery. Known flaws include some minor dash imperfections (Photos 174-177).
  • Offered on consignment by the selling dealer with a clean Michigan title and 2 sets of keys.




This 1992 Land Rover Defender 110 came factory equipped with a 3.5-liter Rover V8 engine, known for its durability and relatively simple design. It produced a moderate amount of horsepower and torque, suitable for both on-road and off-road driving. It's no speed demon, but with the benefit of 6 driven wheels, this is an ultra-capable truck.

  • 6x6
  • 3.5L Rover V8
  • Factory Rated 136 hp. & 186 lb.-ft. Torque
  • 5-Speed Manual Transmission
  • Locking Center Differential
  • Right-Hand Drive
  • 131,495 mi.
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1992 Land Rover Defender 110 6x6

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1992 Land Rover Defender 110 6×6

Bid to: $70,000blp672

136hp. 3.5L Rover V8, 5-Speed Manual, Rare 6×6 Conversion, Toyo Tires, WARN Winch, Custom Interior

Item condition New

Auction expired without reaching reserve price


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FourbieExchange Admin

Wow, what a fantastic piece of history. Thank you to our seller, the great @GKM616, for bringing this 6x6 to auction here on Fourbie. We unfortunately did not hit reserve, but will be in touch with the top bidder to help bridge the gap. Thank you!
BID $70,000 by blp672 5 months ago
that4x4guy Bidder

@17cars: You need an 18 car garage!

@gkm616: Ahhh, good clarification and makes sense. I wish. I don't have the room for this beast!
gkm616 Seller

@17cars: I agree! Do it. The rear seats were added at customs in order to import it. Simple fix.

@17cars: Such easy fixes, doooooo it.

I love this thing, but unfortunately I'm not in on this one. That said, my $.02, I think there are a few things on this one that are probably keeping it from being a high dollar piece even though....they're not huge fixes. First and foremost, that dash does not present well. Photos 175-177 are kind of brutal for a truck of this caliber. And this might just be me, but having plywood showing from the side on those rear seats would be so easy to fix and go a long way. It just doesn't feel quite finished. RHD is going to be a tough sell, too, but I'm sure there are buyers who don't mind. Anyway, that's just my take, and I'm sure this will be a cherished piece in someone's collection. Good luck to the bidders and seller.
BID $68,000 by that4x4guy 5 months ago
BID $67,000 by RWCollections 5 months ago
BID $62,000 by that4x4guy 5 months ago
BID $60,000 by RWCollections 5 months ago
FourbieExchange Admin

Just over a day remaining to bid on this one-of-a-kind 6x6. Best of luck, bidders!
BID $55,000 by LandyLover 5 months ago
BID $49,750 by RWCollections 5 months ago
BID $40,600 by blp672 5 months ago
BID $34,000 by LandyLover 5 months ago
FourbieExchange Admin

@jfig77 Thank you for the request! The seller has provided a new driving video to the “Video” section above.

@gkm616 Do you have any driving videos of this big boy?
BID $30,000 by unionjackie 5 months ago
BID $18,000 by LandyLover 5 months ago
BID $11,000 by unionjackie 5 months ago
FourbieExchange Admin

Bidding is now underway! Place your bids or post your questions and comments for our seller, Garage Kept Motors (@GKM616). Good luck!

@unionjackie: No drag racing!? So says you! You just have to give that Rover V8 gasser the beans. Downhill. With a friendly gust of wind.
unionjackie Bidder

@Jimp44: Maneuvering is most definitely not going to be this 6x6's strong suit. Either is drag racing. But it certainly is an interesting beast!

EPIC. I don't think this will navigate my city parking garage very well, but it sure is an interesting beast.

Now this is one cool fourbie! Sixbie? Either way, I'm watching. GLWTS
FourbieExchange Admin

Welcome to the pre-auction for this rare, classic, 6x6-converted 1992 Land Rover Defender 110. Your chance to own a piece of history in excellent condition starts now: make a (free!) private offer to the seller, @GKM616, and only pay a reduced 2.5% buyer fee if the offer is accepted. Good luck!