Modified 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport TJ

Solar Yellow, Low Mileage, 4.0L I6, 9,500 lb. Winch, Aftermarket Bumpers, 33 in. Tires, PRP Bucket Seats, Aux. Lighting











4.0L Inline 6-Cylinder


5-Speed Manual


4-Wheel Drive

Body Style







Lima, OH

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Private Party
  • 82,000 mile, Solar Yellow 2000 Jeep Wrangler TJ hard top equipped with a 4.0L AMC inline-six cylinder engine mated to a 5-speed manual transmission connected to a part-time 4WD system with high and low-range gearing. 
  • This Jeep has been modified extensively including: 9,500 lb. winch w/synthetic rope; Aftermarket front bumper; LED headlights, Wiring for a front light bar; 33 in. Dick Cepek tires; Black steel wheels, 4-5 in. lift with adjustable control arms; 3-setting adjustable sway bar links; Trail Master shocks (front and rear); Rebuilt front Super 30 and rear Dana Super 35 axles with G2 axle shafts; ARB air locking differentials; Onboard ARB air compressor; Slip-yoke eliminator; Adams driveshaft; 4.56 gear ratio rear axle; Built-in rear facing lights; Rollbar has built-in speakers; PRP bucket seats on driver and passenger side; Rhino lined floor (heavily worn); Rear swivel-style aftermarket tire carrier; Muffler delete.
  • Recent service includes: Drag link and outer tie rods replaced (10/2023); Clutch master and slave cylinder replaced (07/2023); Inner tie rod replaced (07/2023);  Fender corrosion repaired/repainted (03/2023); Tires rotated (03/2023). Additionally, the seller has done kept up with factory recommended service, including oil changes with 5W-30 and Wix filter, Valvoline MTF manual transmission fluid replacement, and Royal Purple Synchromax transfer case fluid replacement.
  • Known issues include a small power steering leak noticeably drips from the end of the gearbox, but not from the gearbox itself. It will gradually stain your driveway so the seller recommends parking it in the street if that bothers you. The seller believes one of the lines may have corroded slightly enough for there to be a slight leak only when the engine is off. This leak drops maybe 2-3 drips and then stops, so a very slow one. The seller has needed to fill the fluid reservoir only twice in two years of frequently driving the vehicle.
  • The Jeep shows only very minor surface corrosion, commensurate with a vehicle of this age and mileage. There are some paint/rock chips that are showing light surface rust and the front fenders which were repainted are starting to show some surface rust again through light paint bubbling, only noticeable if looking directly at the fenders. The frame is solid, although there is some minor corrosion present. The seller had the vehicle undercarriage and frame professionally sprayed by Ziebart in September 2021 (Carfax verified).
  • This sale includes a clean Indiana title in the sellers name, as well as one set of keys.




The powertrain in this 2000 Jeep Wrangler TJ came from the factory with a good balance of power, torque, and reliability, making it a capable vehicle both on the road and on the trails.

  • 4.0L Inline 6-Cylinder
  • 181 Horsepower @ 4,600 RPM
  • 222 ft. lb. Torque @ 2,800 RPM
  • 5-Speed Manual Transmission
  • Part-Time 4WD
  • 2-Speed Transfer Case w/Hi Lo
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2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport TJ Hard Top

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Modified 2000 Jeep Wrangler TJ

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4.0L I6, 9,500 lb. Winch, Aftermarket Bumpers, 33 in. Tires, PRP Bucket Seats, Aux. Lighting

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FourbieExchange Admin

Thanks for all the views, bids, and comments for this modified 2000 Jeep Wrangler TJ. We'll be in touch with the high bidder to see if we can close the gap and make a deal to get this Jeep to its next home.
BID $8,500 by npgspeed 1 week ago
BID $8,199 by bonderman 1 week ago
BID $7,700 by Maxtravis 1 week ago
BID $7,600 by npgspeed 1 week ago
BID $7,500 by Maxtravis 1 week ago
kkevvy Bidder

@17cars: the color and nicely built. glwa to all in the final minutes
BID $7,400 by npgspeed 1 week ago

Ughhhh, I wish I had room for this. Nice little TJ.
BID $7,300 by Maxtravis 1 week ago
BID $7,200 by bonderman 1 week ago
BID $6,600 by Maxtravis 1 week ago
BID $6,500 by npgspeed 1 week ago
FourbieExchange Admin

Only 24hrs remaining to place your bids for this well-modified, low-mileage Solar Yellow Wrangler TJ. Good luck!
BID $6,250 by Maxtravis 1 week ago
BID $6,000 by npgspeed 2 weeks ago
BID $5,500 by Maxtravis 2 weeks ago
BID $5,200 by npgspeed 2 weeks ago
BID $5,000 by RockyEAG 2 weeks ago
BID $3,000 by npgspeed 2 weeks ago
alext6345 Seller

@Bluefox: Thank you!
alext6345 Seller

@JeepinJack: I have loved it too! It's awesome.

Low mileage, and from what I can see, a solid frame. Nice gem. Will be watching this one. GLWA @ALEXT6345
BID $2,000 by Maxtravis 2 weeks ago
BID $500 by kkevvy 2 weeks ago

Absolutely love the color. Solar Yellow for the win. GLWA!
FourbieExchange Admin

This auction is now underway! Place your bids, comments, and questions for the seller, @ALEXT6345