1952 Dodge Power Wagon


The Model.

The Dodge Power Wagon is rich in history, and it provided Dodge with a springboard for decades of ensuing 4-wheel drive dominance. This example, made available by RK Motors Charlotte, has been meticulously restored to original spec, and is available for sale for $92,900.

During WWII, Dodge cranked out dozens of medium-duty truck variations for military use. In total, they would create FIFTY TWO different models, through which they perfected their 4-wheel drive design. By the end of the war, Dodge decided to create a peacetime variation for civilian use, prioritizing features like 1-ton loadbearing capacity, power take-off, ample ground clearance, sufficient power, a large cargo box, an enclosed all-weather cab, and, of course, 4-wheel drive.

The result was the T137 Dodge Power Wagon, and it has the enviable designation as the very first civilian 4-wheel drive truck. It was a mechanical descendant of the 3/4 ton 1942-1945 Dodge WC series military truck. Early brochures carried the headline, "The Army Truck The Boys Wrote Home About...Now Redesigned For Peacetime Use."

The Power Wagon was available in the United States through the 1968 production year, but sales would continue overseas through 1978. The original variations - those produced from 1946 to 1957 - are identified with the T137 engineering code. After 1957, Dodge would create several newer variations in the form of the light-duty C-Series truck and Town Panel / Town Wagon SUVs.

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This 1952 Power Wagon has undergone a comprehensive restoration to bring it back to better-than-new condition. It contains the period-correct T137 230 ci. Flathead I6, a 4-speed manual transmission, and 2-speed transfer case. The two-toned exterior is painted in a vibrant red with glossy black fenders, giving it a simple yet wonderfully bespoke presence on the farm or at the carshow. The exterior is further accented by a winch, wooden cargo box floor, and 16 in. Split-Rim wheels with super beefy Interco Super Swamper tires.

Step inside the cab and you'll find the marvelous simplicity of 1950s engineering. The red color-matched dashboard contains one gauge with four readings (Fuel, Amp, Temp, Oil), a steering wheel, and a small glove compartment. The bench and door panels are wrapped in black vinyl.

The Specs.

The Dodge Power Wagon is abundant in utilitarianism. No frills, just a purpose-engineered machine ready for duty. In an age where complexity and gadgetry reigns supreme, there's something wonderfully alluring to the simplicity that this Power Wagon offers.

Plus, it's teeming with old-school cool swagger.  


  • Chrysler T137 230 ci. Flathead I6
  • 4 speed manual transmission
  • 2-speed 1.96-1 ratio low range transfer case
  • Part time 4-wheel drive with power take off (PTO)


  • Black vinyl bench and door framing 
  • Exterior-matched red paint dashboard
  • New 4-reading gauge


  • Red and black basecoat/clearcoat paint
  • 16-inch Split-Rim Wheels with Interco Super Swamper tires
  • Braden PTO winch
  • Wood bed floor

This Power Wagon has Sold.

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