1962 Willys M170 Jeep Military Ambulance


The Model.

It's always bittersweet to come across an off-road vehicle with low production volumes, but if there's going to be a rare one, we're sure glad that it's a military ambulance like this 1962 Willys M170 Jeep.
Only 4,155 were built by Kaiser Jeep from 1953 to 1963. It is a variant of the rather infamous M38A1 - of which over 100,000 were produced - but with several key modifications like a 20 in. longer wheelbase, a larger fuel tank with an extended range of 300 miles, and heavier suspension.  
All-in-all, it was a no-fuss yet extremely capable military asset. 
The M170 owed much of it's stellar service record to the 134 ci. Hurricane F-Head straight four engine packed under the hood. If you're unfamiliar with the F-Head layout, you're in good company. It's an unusual and obsolete format that called for an intake valve directly over the cylinder head and an exhaust into the block. 
These engines could be manufactured and maintained quickly and cost-effectively, and offered significant power upgrades over its predecessor, the Go Devil. Horsepower increased from 60 to 75, while torque rose from 102 lb-ft. to 114 lb-ft. Not astronomical by today's standards, but considering the age and low curb weight, the M170 had more than enough oomph to get where it needed to go. 
This particular variation is available for auction by MotoeXotica in Fenton, Missouri on eBay. And, for the interested, it comes with at least (at least!) two mannequins. It recently underwent a comprehensive restoration with only 19,487 actual miles. Its F134 engine is mated to a 3-speed transmission, Dana 18 transfer case, and Dana axles. 

The Specs.


  • F134 Hurricane straight-4 engine
  • Borg-Warner T90 3-speed manual transmission
  • Dana 18 transfer case
  • Dana front and rear axles
  • 2,964 lbs. curb weight
  • Maximum range of 300 miles


  • Army Green exterior
  • Canvas roof and doors
  • External snorkel
  • 20 in. longer wheel based for improve cargo and passenger space

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