1981 Ford F-150 Custom For Sale


The Model.

The 1981 Ford Pickup brochure wrote, "Ford Pickups are built tough. Built to last. And built to meet head on the changing needs of the 80's."

Now, they didn't actually produce this vibrant blue variant, but would they have been breaking the last part of their promise if they had? Absolutely not. If the 80's had a paint scheme, this would have been it. We're talking high-gloss, electric-blue paint with a Swag Level 100 wrap that extends from the front fender to the tailgate.

Toward the back resides the words "Southern Comfort," a homage to the eponymous 1981 film, or the liquor, or the popular Southern Comfort Conversions shop. None of these would be surprising, but we're confident it's the latter, who had earned a reputation for some wild paint and graphic schemes on the Ford, Chevy, and Dodge trucks.

Paint aside, the exterior of this Ford F-150 Custom - the entry-level trim in 1981 - is also accentuated by the front windshield spoiler, bull bar, grille, running board, and roll bar - all in chrome, of course. And, if you wanted to really make sure to grab attention, it include KC lights mounted to the grille, and another row of lights atop the roll bar.

Step inside and enjoy the class and comfort provided by center armrest, cup holders, upgraded AM/FM/CD stereo, plush blue cloth seats, sliding rear window, sunroof, A/C, and a CB radio with headliner switches.

The Specs.

Underneath the fun and colorful exterior, this Ford is still all-American brute. See how this this F-150 Custom measures up.


  • 302 ci. Windsor V8
  • 4-barrel Edelbrock carburetor
  • Heavy-duty C6 3-speed automatic transmission
  • SuperGlide lift kit
  • Front twin I-beams with coil springs
  • Rear leaf-springs with shocks
  • Power brakes


  • Electric blue high-gloss with wrap
  • KC light bar in grille
  • Bed-mounted roll-bar with light bar
  • CB radio
  • Sunroof
  • Sliding rear window
  • Upgraded AM/FM/CD stereo
  • Dick Cepek Radial F-C II tires
  • Optional resettable trip metere and tachometer (new options for 1980 model year)
  • Dual fuel tanks
  • Dual exhaust

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