1998 Land Rover Defender 110 TD5





Originally registered in Europe and built on 14th October 1998, this Defender was delivered by Rover Group Ltd to BMW Krasta Auto in Vilnius, Lithuania. BMW had acquired Rover Group Ltd in 1994, leading many BMW dealer franchises across mainland Europe to obtain the selling rights for Land Rover vehicles. Contrary to a common misconception, the all-new electronically controlled five-cylinder turbo diesel TD5 was exclusively a Rover in-house design, debuting a few years after BMW’s acquisition.

The Defender has been in the possession of its two owners since 1998 and has been in storage since 2018. Its last EU technical inspection took place in October 2018 before being placed in storage. A Car Vertical check reveals four digital records of past technical inspections on the following dates and mileages:

2012-10 at 139,798 mi
2014-10 at 144,811 mi
2016-09 at 146,808 mi
2018-10 at 151,349 mi

The Car Vertical report, available to interested bidders, shows no financial encumbrances, history of mileage discrepancies, or accident damage. Finished in the desirable Caledonian Blue LRC 507, complemented by a Denim Twill interior, the vehicle remains in a very original and unaltered condition – a rarity in today’s Defender market. It sports a set of factory steel wheels with a matching set of Goodrich All-Terrain tires.

Despite its age, the bodywork of this Defender is in very good condition. The front wings exhibit no major dents, except for the typical dipped wing tops. The bonnet and front bumper are also in good, straight condition. The rear wings are in good condition, particularly behind the rear wheel arches, where checker plate additions are often seen. The rear arches still wear their first factory paint, indicated by the non-painted aluminum solid rivets. While the front and second door skins are generally in good condition, they do have some smaller dents. The doorframes have corrosion and would benefit from repair or replacement. The rear door, in particular, requires replacement. The passenger footwell has held up well, with only faint surface corrosion, while the driver’s side is more deteriorated and needs a replacement footwell section. The aluminum floors and seatbox are in extraordinary condition, having avoided galvanic corrosion. The rear tub and rear floor are also in good condition, with minimal galvanic corrosion around the second-row floor seat frame mounts.

Externally, the bulkhead is in good condition around the air vents and hinges, but there is visible corrosion on the football section, a common weak spot due to surface water thrown up by the wheels.

The front ¾ of the chassis is in good original condition with the chassis number clearly still visible on the front right chassis leg. The date stampings ‘98’ for the year of the chassis manufacture are also still clearly visible on the outriggers. However, the rear crossmember is significantly corroded and needs complete replacement. Previously plated and repaired to a poor standard, this would need removal, with a long extension TD5 crossmember fitted. We can carry out this replacement for the buyer at an additional cost.

Mechanically, the vehicle starts, runs and drives, and stops. With all gears functioning properly, as well as the High-Low transfer box. However, it hasn’t been in regular use since 2018, resulting in a lapsed technical inspection. The vehicle would need going through before it is to be used on the roads again.

After driving a few miles, it’s noted that the steering is vague and the ball joints have perished. While the brakes work and there are no seized calipers, the pedal feels spongy. And whilst it’s not a big job, the shock absorbers are in need of replacement.

In our opinion, we would replace the rear crossmember first and install a new driver’s footwell. We would go through the brakes, steering and suspension, ensuring the vehicle performs well and is roadworthy. We would then repair the front four door frames, retaining the original door skins, and fit a new rear door.

The vehicle is being sold in its current condition, but we can accommodate any remedial work or improvements that potential buyers may require, including replacement of the rear crossmember and driver’s footwell. Excluding the aforementioned, this Defender is an ideal candidate for a weekend project. In relative terms, only a short list of works is required to get it into a driver-ready state. However, as is common with Defenders, the possibilities for customization are limitless.

The vehicle comes with its European registration document, Heritage Certificate, and a clean Car Vertical report.

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