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Auctioning your rare, classic, or custom pickup truck or 4x4 online with Fourbie means a faster listing turnaround time and a curated audience of buy-ready bidders. Plus, our low 4% buyer fee helps put more money in your pocket.

Why Auction Your Pickup Truck or 4x4 On Fourbie?

Low Fees.

Our auction fees are among the lowest out there: only $100 to sell, and a low 4% buyer fee.


Unlike other auction platforms, it won't take weeks or months for your auction to go live. Your digital auction will be live within 48hrs. from when details are finalized.


We only auction classic, rare, and custom pickup trucks, 4x4s, and expedition vehicles, making Fourbie Exchange the go-to online marketplace for over 50,000 off-road and overland enthusiasts each month.


We're obsessed with making the buying and selling process frictionless and intuitive for users with a modern interface and smarter sorting to find the trucks & 4x4s you want.

How Do Digital Auctions Work?

  1. Register to Bid: Before you can bid on any of the trucks on Fourbie Exchange, you’ll have to be a registered bidder. Once you’ve created an account, you’ll need to go to Billing Information and make sure we have a valid credit card on file. 
  2. Find Your Truck: Scout our auction page for you next fourbie.
  3. Do Your Research: Our platform places an emphasis on transparency for the safety of the buyer and seller, but it’s important that before you place a bid, you do your own due diligence to make sure the truck you’re considering is the right truck for you. That means closely reading the description and details, watching the videos, inspecting the photos, arranging an inspection, and asking the seller any questions that aren’t covered in the listing. 
  4. Place Your Bid: Once you’ve decided what the truck is worth to you, place your bid. Bids can be placed in minimum bid increments of $100. When you place your bid, we place a hold on your credit card for the buyer's fee. If you win, we charge you a 4.0% buyer’s premium (minimum of $350, maximum of $5,000), otherwise we release the hold at the end of the auction. Bids are binding, so it’s critical that you only bid if you fully intend to purchase the truck because we do not issue refunds. Bids placed within the final minute of the auction will reset the auction’s time remaining back to 1 minute, giving others a fair chance to increase their final bid. 
  5. WIN: For no reserve auctions, if you’re the highest bidder, you win! For auctions with a reserve, to win you have to both be the highest bidder and have placed a bid that meets or exceeds the seller’s hidden reserve price. If you win, we process the 4.0% buyer’s premium and provide you with the seller’s contact information (and yours will be provided to them) so that you can complete the transaction with them. You’ll be expected to pay the seller within 14 days. 
  1. Submit Your Truck: It's free to submit your vehicle on Fourbie Exchange. You’ll need to provide details like the the vehicle's year, make, model, VIN, a few photos, a brief description, and suggested reserve price. Once you submit, an Auction Specialist will evaluate your submission to ensure it meets our criteria.
  2. Complete Your Listing: Once we’ve accepted your submission and your $100 listing fee collected, your Auction Specialist will reach out for additional information and media. They’ll need high-quality, detailed photos, service and ownership history, detail on modifications, originality and more. Once our Auction Specialist has all of the necessary information and media, they’ll create a draft of your listing for you to approve. Once you’ve reviewed and approved it, we’ll work with you to schedule your 7 or 10-day auction, and it will go live shortly thereafter. 
  3. Participate in the Auction: In order to get the most out of our auction platform, it’s critical you’re an active participant in the auction by answering questions, responding to comments and providing content and information as needed. Interested bidders will also be able to contact you via the “Contact Seller” feature to ask additional questions or arrange a test drive or inspection.
  4. Complete the Sale: Once the auction closes, assuming it meets the reserve (if one is set), we’ll provide you with the buyer’s contact information and a step-by-step checklist to make sure the sale gets completed successfully. If you ran a reserve auction and the reserve wasn’t reached, our auction specialist will work with you and the highest bidder(s) to try to broker a deal.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Still have questions about buying or selling on Fourbie Exchange? No problem. Take a look at the frequently asked questions.

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