1974 GMC Jimmy 4x4 For Sale.


It’s now officially Fall, and I’m not sure we’ve ever seen a rig that reminds us more of our favorite season. This 1974 GMC K5 Jimmy 4x4 for sale by Down South Industries in Chapmansboro, TN for $48,500 is bathed in a respray of its original Grecian Bronze paint and enhanced with vinyl wood grain graphics over white steelies and a white removable top–it’s practically begging for a drive through the fall foliage. This California truck is rust free, lifted, and is said to have only 39,000 original miles. 

It’s a classic truck you’ll really fall for. Get it?


The Second Generation GMC Jimmy.

We love the GMC Jimmy, and have featured others before. No sense reinventing the wheel, so enjoy this overview from a previous writeup:

The GMC Jimmy, the predecessor to the modern GMC Yukon, was actually introduced in 1970 as the GMC-badged, upmarket version of the immensely popular Chevy K5 Blazer. It was built all the way until 1991, when it was discontinued in favor of the GMC Yukon. 

The idea behind the GMC Jimmy was to be an upscale corporate twin of the Chevy Blazer. That was and still often is GMC’s modus operandi, with many GMC vehicles still serving as luxury-oriented versions of Chevy machines. Aside from being a bit more luxurious in terms of trim and features, the Jimmy shared many components with the Blazer, including the entire Blazer drivetrain. 

Despite being much, much more rare and sought after than its counterpart, the Jimmy has style for miles. Don’t tell the Blazer gang, but we’d take a Jimmy over a Blazer 10 out of 10 times. I mean, just look at it. 

By the way, in doing the research for this feature I learned that GM settled on the Jimmy name because they were hoping it would reflect how GM may sound in a similar manner to how jeep was derived from the pronunciation of GP. We see what you were doing there GM, but…not quite.

Is This Jimmy For Sale at a Nice Price?

As we always say, the market determines whether a price is nice or a little too much, so we’ll see. All we can do is present the data. And that data seems to indicate that this rig is priced fairly. Take a peek around the Classic.com data for the last 12 months below and you’ll undoubtedly find a range of comparable Jimmy sales, some higher and some lower. We found this 1973 GMC  Jimmy as a comparable sale, which hammered down on Bring a Trailer for $48,000, and think it’s pretty close to our example. Plus, you’d have to, of course, add the buyer’s premium, which would put it over 50 grand.


Specs & Condition.

This is an absolutely incredible driver. According to Down South Industries, this is an original California truck, so is rust free and super solid both in terms of body, mechanics and frame. It does have a respray of its original Grecian Bronze, which is in excellent condition, and, for the record, is probably one of the best colors you can get on a Jimmy in our humble opinion. The truck comes with the original owners manual and a number of the original documents that came with the sale.

Here are some of the highlights::


  • 350 cu in (5.7 L) V8
  • 3-speed TH-350 Automatic Transmission
  • New Exhaust System


  • Removable Hardtop Painted White
  • 2" Rough Country Lift
  • New 15x10 Steel Wheels Painted White
  • New Cooper 33" tires.
  • Grecian Bronze Paint (Respray of Original)
  • Woodgrain Vinyl Graphics


  • Saddle Leather Seats
  • Front Bucket Seats
  • Matching Leather Center Console
  • Rear Bench Seats
  • Spare Tire Mounted In Rear Cargo Area

Find Your Fourbie.

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